Saturday, April 30, 2011

Windows 7 - Copy and Paste Issue

So I've been using Windows 7 more since our clients make use of OCS (Office Communicator), which I must say is a really awesome piece of software. Sadly though Windows seems to have issues with copy and paste. First I thought I was going mad...I mean how can you break something as simple as Copy and Paste? Well I can confirm it has been done! I decided to Google the problem and to my surprise found a large number of people having similar issues. So I decided to download Total Commander and use my really old-school tool to copy my files from the one folder to another. A very sad day for Windows 7, else I must say they've come a long way since Vista.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Traffic and Inflation

I find it amazing that the inflation rate is more or less 5-10%. Which means when you get your annual increase it might be 5-10% to accommodate for inflation. The reality though hit me when I went to go buy some Ciro coffee. About 2 years ago I used to pay R26 for 200g of Ciro coffee. Now it costs R40. So sadly the inflation rate for coffee is not where near 5-10%.

Regarding traffic I was in the biggest traffic mess I've ever been in on Friday. It was 100km+ of traffic on the N3. It took us 2 hours to do about 100km. This was crazy and the last thing I felt like to start off the long weekend. After 100km I decided to take some back roads and to my surprise .... road works :( basically it took us 8 hours to get to our destination when it should have only taken 4.5.

Well at least we back at home safely now :)

Busy installing a nice new legal copy of Windows 7 for my new Media PC. I really hope it can play .flac files cause I ripped by whole CD collection to flac. Oh and if you wondering why I'm not using MythTV, gladly I don't have a whole week to waste trying to get it working with my sound card again. Some things should just work, although it is still really sad that Creative do not make proper Linux drivers.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

XGR Webcam from CNA

So I lost my driver CD for my XGR webcam I bought at CNA.

After doing some googling I found these drivers which sadly did not work:

I did however find out the the webcam is a Vimicro VC0321

And got the driver here:

LDAP DN Characters

Ok so I need to clean up a String that needed to be a DN.

This post proved very useful:

Backup copy

Oracle SQL Developer 3 on Ubuntu

1) Download RPM from Oracle
2) Alien RPM with -k option
3) Install deb with dpkg -i
4) Create file .sqldeveloper/jdk
5) Put this in the file:
6) Make sure you have sun-java6-jdk installed

Run sqldeveloper :)

Cool LDAP Tool

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ubuntu Install Log

This is my install log for my Ubuntu 10.10 install.

1) Clean install from USB, default settings.
2) Install ubuntu tweak -> move close, maximise, minimise btns to other side of window.
3) Install codecs.
4) Install Firefox 4.
5) sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree
6) apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras
7) sudo apt-get install build-essential
8) download and install VMware workstation
9) following this guide to get VMware working ->
10) install drop box client
11) change firefox start options to: "firefox -ProfileManager -no-remote" and create no-proxy profile in firefox
12) sudo apt-get install vpnc network-manager-vpnc
13lucky number 13, trying to setup vpn but "no valid secrets" message, sadly time for reboot :(
14) reboot did the trick vpn up and running :)
15) did some digging here to get my mic louder,, but somehow after sudo apt-get install padevchooser the mic seemed to work better :)
16) did an online update (excluded kernel update)
17) did this to get command prompt here ->
18) install Novell Designer 4 followed debian-based install instructions
19) download eclipse php
20) uncomment "deb maverick partner" from /etc/apt/sources.list and run apt update
21) sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk
22) sudo apt-get install bzr-xmloutput
23) run php ecplise and install BzrEclipse (
24) download and install soap ui