Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Brainshare Post 1

Well its Tuesday morning and here we sit once again at BS Salt Lake City. Already sick of the food, lucky they have some healthy options for breakfast, but the english muffin may give you a heart attack with the amount of cheese on it.

Very sadly the registration PCs seem to all be running Windows XP. Last time I was here I remember something called SLED, but it seems the Novell M$ partnership is stronger than ever. The second biggest stand besides the Novell one is the interoperability stand, aka M$ stand.

Yesterdays sessions where nothing to shout about, was still feeling a bit jetlagged, but it seems no one was too excited about anything and the opening keynote seemed to drag on forever.

I'm really hoping today turns out better, changed my schedule to include more technical sessions and less sales fluff.

Also there's only about 2500 people attending this year, as opposed to about 6000 last time I was here (2006), which could account for the lack of a food court hall, them rather opting to have food stands. Also I must say they could have some more seating about the session areas, seems like every open place with a power outlet is always occupied.

Now onto the more geeking stuff, the Internet speeds seems to be OK, better than last time, but the wireless seems to intermittently disconnect you now and than, speeds range from about 50KB to about 400KB depending on time of day. I've already downloaded Novell Designer and Analyser which refused to come down through one of our clients proxies.

Anyway time to run, hopefully I can post some photos soon.