Friday, December 11, 2009

Some nice addons for Ubuntu

Get those codecs to play all media formats and dvds:

Get cntlm to get through those M$ ISA proxies:

sudo apt-get install cntlm

Then just edit the
and fill in the proxy details then restart it with
/etc/init.d/cntlm restart
Then export your proxy and your in business :-)
export http://localhost:3128/

How to Listen to Streaming Radio on Ubuntu

Ok so I wanted to listen to Highveld radio on Ubuntu. Only problem was their website only seemed to catered for Windows. So after some digging I found the mms stream URL and gave it a try with:
mplayer mms://
but got this:
connect error: Connection refused
No stream found to handle url mms://

So I just changed it to:

and we're in business :-)