Friday, December 11, 2009

Some nice addons for Ubuntu

Get those codecs to play all media formats and dvds:

Get cntlm to get through those M$ ISA proxies:

sudo apt-get install cntlm

Then just edit the
and fill in the proxy details then restart it with
/etc/init.d/cntlm restart
Then export your proxy and your in business :-)
export http://localhost:3128/

How to Listen to Streaming Radio on Ubuntu

Ok so I wanted to listen to Highveld radio on Ubuntu. Only problem was their website only seemed to catered for Windows. So after some digging I found the mms stream URL and gave it a try with:
mplayer mms://
but got this:
connect error: Connection refused
No stream found to handle url mms://

So I just changed it to:

and we're in business :-)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Our New Anthem - Eish :-|

VPN Issues on Ubuntu

Well this one has been causing me to pull my hair out for a couple of weeks. I was using the Cisco VPN client for Linux put got really tried of having to recompile it every time I did a Kernel update. So I switched over to vpnc the VPN stuff which works under network manager in Ubuntu. At first it seemed to work nice, but I found the connection was 'freezing' after I sshed into a server over the VPN. An example of this would be ssh to server, then run ls which works fine, then run ls -l and the connection 'freezes'. If I open another terminal sesssion to the server it would open fine, but ls and then ls -l would 'freeze' the connection. So after some digging our found out it had have something to do with my MTU setting. I still have a Windows VM and tested out the VPN their and used putty to ssh to the server and had no issues. I tried setting the MTU on my eth0 or wlan0 but no joy. Finally I found I needed to set the MTU on the tun0 connection like this to get it to work:

sudo ifconfig tun0 mtu 576

This mtu is very small, but I think its a setting on their side that maybe someones forgot to update since the days of dail-up connections. I am also glad to report the VPN connection is now working 'sharp-sharp'. :-)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

How to rename file extentions in Linux

This is a nice command to basically rename all .csv files in a directory to .bak

for x in *.csv; do mv "$x" "${}.bak"; done

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Axis 2 get client's IP address

This seems to be the easiest way to do it:

MessageContext msgContext = MessageContext.getCurrentMessageContext();
String ip = (String) msgContext.getProperty(MessageContext.REMOTE_ADDR);

Also required:

import org.apache.axis2.context.MessageContext;

Eclispe Button Problem on Ubuntu 9.10

Had a problem with Eclipse where I could not click on the buttons after upgrading to 9.10

This fixed it:



Thursday, August 13, 2009

Netgear Router DGN 2000 piece of CRAP

Just a word of warning don't touch this piece of hardware, all I can say is it is guaranteed to give you a head ache and it uses this crapy url to setup itself

PS Good luck with all the DNS issues you'll have too, and no wait there's no firmware update to fix any of there issues, just work arounds :-o

Ubuntu Cisco VPN

It works nice:

Here's my post on the keyring issue "Invalid VPN Secrets "

New version of GFS on the way?


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Disable PC Speaker on Ubuntu

The pc speaker can be a pain, here's what to do to disable it:

sudo modprobe -r pcspkr

sudo vi /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist

and at the line:

blacklist pcspkr

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Eclipse and Axis 2

This sorted my problem:

in fact i saw after than in web.xml that the class AxisAdminServlet class has
change of package


but after I've got a new error :

Thursday, July 30, 2009

VMware Server 1.0.x on SLES 11

vmware config does not run
you need to do get patch from here ->
wget -c
install the rpm
and then run from the downloaded file

also make sure you have
gcc c++
and kernerl-source installed

still having major issues with VMware Server 2 aaarrrgg

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Convert FLV 2 DVD

Some really cool software, to convert FLV to DVD -> DeVeDe

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some Cool XPATH Examples

I will add as I find more, but this is a start:

Novell UserApp Remove JMX Console

Love this one, with a default UA install you can shutdown the UA from the JMX console, nice :-)

Do this to remove/secure the console:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Problem running DSBK

We had this problem:

Unable to load backupcr module!
DSBK error! 1

Solution can be found here
From TID 3950804

Basically do this:

ln -s /etc/opt/novell/nici.cfg /etc/nici.cfg

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cisco VPN client for Ubuntu

Download from here:
Extract: tar xvzf
Patch from here:
Patch: patch < ../vpnclient-linux-2.6.24-final.diff
Copy pcf file to here: /etc/opt/cisco-vpnclient/Profiles/
Run like this: vpnclient connect ProfileName user soan pwd $ecure

How to install Novell Designer on Ubuntu

We had a problem on Ubuntu 64bit where the rpm install would not work, fixed by adding a --force like this:

rpm -ivh --nodeps --force nici****.rpm

Looks like Novell removed the site:

And put it in the readme:

Installing Designer on Debian-Based Linux Distributions
Although we cannot officially support all Linux distributions, many customers have reported success running Designer on Debian-based distributions, such as Ubuntu. To do this, perform the following steps:

1) Download and extract (to a folder of your choice) Designer from the coolsolutions web site.
2) Use Ubuntu's synaptic package manager to install the alien, rpm, and gettext packages (or from the command line, type sudo apt-get -f install alien rpm gettext).
3) Change directories to the designerInstallDir directory.
4) Use rpm to install the nici rpm (from the command line, type sudo rpm -ivh --nodeps components/nici/nici.i386.rpm) *this adds an entry to the rpm database that the installer checks for when you type rpm -qa at the command line.
5) The gettext rpm is also required for the standard Designer installer. Download any installable gettext.rpm version and install it, such as rpm -ivh --nodeps gettext[version].rpm. This adds the gettext entry to the rpm database.
6) Run the standard Designer ./install script as a normal desktop user.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Problem Starting IDM

We had the following problem:

"VR Driver Interface Module not loaded"

This was seen in the ndstrace.

We re-installed IDM and restarted the server and this resolved the problem.

The following TIDs did not work:

Versions of Software:
IDM 3.5
eDirectory 8.8.1
SecurityServices 2.0.4

Monday, June 8, 2009

Problem Starting Yast o SLES

We managed to resolve the problem we had starting Yast on SLES 10 with this:

Friday, June 5, 2009

Problem Starting eDirectory

Problem: Inconsistency detected by

Extract from /var/opt/novell/eDirectory/log/ndsd.log

Jun 05 10:53:17 NMAS Server Version: Build:20070219 started
Jun 05 10:53:17 SPM DClient Version: Build:20070219 started
Inconsistency detected by dl-open.c: 610: _dl_open: Assertion `_dl_debug_
initialize (0, args.nsid)->r_state == RT_CONSISTENT' failed!

Environment -> SLES 10, eDirectory 8.8.1

Solution: Remove all lck files from DIB directory

cd /var/opt/novell/eDirectory/data/dib/
rm *.lck

Problem can also be resolved by upgrade to SLES 10 SP1 or 2

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How to fix things when Google does not know.

Well this one was a real pain, but gladly I got it sorted. Google seems to not have many answers on this one.

We where having a problem with the Roles driver in Novell IDM. It was giving the error:
I did a schema compare with another eDirectory Tree and found a problem with nrfIdentity class, it was neither an effective class nor an aux class.
I deleted the class and re-imported the schema with the command:

ndssch admin.iam nrf-extensions.sch

and this seemed to fix the problem.

Not often you see schema problems in eDirectory but this was nasty. When doing a schema update during the install it just kept saying the schema was 100%.

Hope this proves helpfully, sadly Google will have to try better next time.

Monday, January 12, 2009

This is why I run Ubuntu

Cause they are willing to take M$ head on and not like some other companies we know....